DirtyBuddy Series
  • DirtyBuddy Series
  • DirtyBuddy Series

    Another versatile line in our cymbal range, yields agressive and rich complex tones that would add a value to your setups. Due to excessive deep hammering they got during their production they obtain dirty sounds, thus making them fit to complement any musical setting for genres from jazz to others. Dirtybuddy comes with two versions: one has a completely lathed finish with deep hand hammerings marks visible on it, while the other version utilizes a sandblasting look, which would offer definite and focused stick sound with relatively darker and low pitches.

    Characteristic Features

               Appearance: visible deep hammering marks, a sandblasted look in one version.

               Available Weight Range:

                                                    HiHats: Regular

                                                    Crashes: Regular

                                                    Rides: Regular